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We are working on...

1. Development of new photosensitive nanoprobes for imaging and therapeutic applications.

Related reports.   

Shibu, E. S.; Ono, K.; Sugino, S.,Nishioka, A.; Yasuda, A.; Shigeri, Y.; Wakida, S.; Sawada, M.; Biju, V. Photouncaging Fluorescent-Magnetic Bimodal Nanoparticle for In vitro and In vivo Imaging. ACS Nano 2013, 7, 9851-9859.










Shibu, E. S.; Saito, H.; Sugino,S.; Nosaka,Y.; Biju, V. Singlet Oxygen Sensitizing NIR-Fluorescent Multimodal Nanoparticles. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 201352, 10559-10563.

2. Development of new light-emitting and NIR-plasmonic nanomaterials.

Related reports.  

Shibu, E. S.; Nadezda, V.; Cognet, L.; Lounis, B. Small gold nanorods with tunable absorption for photothermal microscopy in cells. Adv. Sci. 2017, 4, 1600280.







Shibu, E. S.; Pradeep, T. Quantum Clusters in Cavities: Trapped Au15 in Cyclodextrins. Chem. Mater. 201123, 989-999.

3. Inorganic Perovskites

4. Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy. 

We are focusing on Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy and microscopy for the better understanding of biological events.

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