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Harvesting Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future: Explorations on Designer Molecular and Functional Materials (SR/PURSE/2023/191; ~ 10,78,00,000 INR; Coordinator: Prof. Abraham Joseph, Deputy Coordinator: Prof. Rajeev S Menon, PIs: Dr. Fazlurahman K, and Dr. Shibu E S).
SERB/SRG- Self-Assembled Smart-Superstructures for Unique Optical and Electrochemical Applications - Project Investigator- 32,99,494/- (2022-2024).

Seed Money - University of Calicut - 3,40,000/- (2021-2022).

SERB/DST- Photolabile Nanoprobes for Light-induced delivery, Imaging, Phototherapy, Chemotherapeutics and Neurogenic disorders- Project
Investigator- 37,74,343/- (2017-2022).
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